Terms & Conditions

  1. Customer payment will be required on or prior to delivery or collection of the customers’ finished goods. We accept cash , cheque or card payment (card payment is a minimum of £5) on delivery as a form of payment.
  2. On collection of the customers’ goods the representative from the company, will provide the customer with information detailing the amount payable and expected return delivery date wherever possible..
  3. Minimum order quantity for free collection and delivery is £20.00 any and all missed deliveries are charged at £5.00 within a 3 mile radius additional miles charged at £1 per mile over 3 miles for any missed delivery.
  4. Our standard delivery service for ironing and service wash items will be returned finished wherever possible within 96 hours, this however does not include weekends or bank holidays.
  5. We reserve the right to accept or decline any request for our service from any postcode.
  6. We will endeavor to provide the delivery service as set out in the Standard Delivery Services to the best of our ability. We cannot be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control. Where we are not able to uphold our delivery terms we will contact the customer to discuss the best option.
  7. We reserve the right not to iron damaged, dirty or shiny items as well as any item deemed unsuitable. These items will be returned un-ironed to avoid any misunderstanding. The customer will be notified of these items as soon as they become apparent.
  8. We reserve the right not to provide a service wash facility for blood stained, faeces or vomit contaminated items or any items deemed unsuitable. These items will be returned un-washed to avoid any misunderstanding. The customer will be notified of these items as soon as they become apparent.
  9. We reserve the right not to provide a dry cleaning or alteration service for blood stained, faeces or vomit contaminated items or any items deemed unsuitable. These items will be returned un-cleaned to avoid any misunderstanding. The customer will be notified of these items as soon as they become apparent.
  10. All ironing, service wash, dry cleaning and alteration will be carried out in a clean, smoke-free and pet-free environment utilising industry standard practices and professional equipment.
  11. Dark items will be ironed on the reverse to preserve the original finish.
  12. We will iron all customer items as per the care instructions on the label, where legible unless otherwise agreed.
  13. All shirts, blouses and trousers will be returned on wire hangers. All other items will be folded, unless otherwise requested.  All hanging items will be returned back with a plastic cover unless otherwise specified.
  14. Terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notice, however any amendments will be notified to all existing customers as soon as possible.
  15. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our dry cleaning or alterations, please contact us within 3 days. If we deem it necessary, we will reprocess your garment at no extra cost.
  16. The total price or estimate for a repair or alteration will be confirmed with you before we commence the alteration or repair
  17. We take great care in processing your fabrics and use only methods that are best suited to the nature and condition of each fabric. We clean in accordance with the care label instructions. In the absence of this we will consult you but not be liable in the event that the chosen method damages your clothes.
  18. We cannot assume responsibility for inherent weaknesses/ defects in materials that are not apparent prior to cleaning. We are not responsible for sun fading, colour loss due to non fastness, wear and tear and shrinkage. We will endeavor to identify problem garments in advance and communicate this to you.
  19. Whilst we offer the upmost care. we are unable to accept responsibility for loss or damage to beads, crystals, sequins, buttons, diamante, pearls, buckles, metals etc., due to their inherent unsuitability for dry cleaning. All such items are cleaned at the owner’s risk and we will not take responsibility under any circumstances.
  20. We aim to remove all stains but in some cases this is not possible. We treat problematic stains with great caution but sometimes to achieve results we need to use harsher techniques and chemicals. We may not be able to guarantee the results.
  21. Suede & leather garments are examples of materials that have inherent weaknesses or defects in the material. They are subject to natural flaws. We cannot take responsibility for colour imbalance or shrinkages.
  22. We reserve the right to change prices at any time and we are not responsible for errors on the website related to pricing.
  23. Service Wash does not include pre spotting or pressing. We take care of all of your garment care needs however we take no inventory or check washing label instructions. We are careful with all items but are unable to accept any complaints or claims for colour fastness, shrinkage or missing items. This list is not exhaustive.
  24. Please make sure your Service wash bag contains washable items only.
  25. For Dry Clean please make sure the bag contains Dry Clean items only.
  26. The customer must notify in writing Hartford Dry Cleaners of any damage or loss and their wish to initiate a claim for compensation within 24hrs of receipt of goods.
  27. For Ironing, Service Wash or Dry Cleaning items the customer must notify Hartford Dry Cleaners prior to commencement of any work that the item or items is or are part of a set or valued over £100 in value.
  28. We will investigate any complaint promptly and pay fair compensation for damage or loss due to our negligence (maximum £200). In the event of damage if we determine we are responsible then we will replace the item or offer a service credit agreed by both parties. If it is unclear who is responsible for the damage, then we will arrange for an independent analysis by a fabric care research laboratory http://www.satra.co.uk. Restitution will be made based upon the lab’s report.
  29. In the unlikely event of a valid notification of loss (unless stated by the customer prior to cleaning that the item is part of a set or valued over £100) we will provide the depreciated fair value of that garment as set out by the Textile Services Association, http://www.tsa-uk.org. The value of the garment depends on the age of the item (In the unlikely event of losing or damaging any of your items Hartford Dry Cleaners’ liability with respect to any lost or damage item shall not exceed ten (10) times our charge for cleaning that garment regardless of brand or condition upto a maximum of £200).
  30. We respect our customer’s privacy and do not sell any identifiable information regarding our customers to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security, and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented.
  31. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer